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GOOD Info on Water

YouTube is a dangerous place for me to visit, as it can result in me spending a great deal of time watching fascinating and enlightening TED Talks. Occasionally I follow a thread and come across other great sources of compelling information, like my recent find from Good Magazine.

This one, on drinking water, describes the health impact of contaminated water sources and notes how easy it can be to clean it up. It really makes me wonder why this is still such an issue in developing countries when the downside is so devastating.

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I swear, I’m not searching this stuff out, it’s just coming out of the woodwork! I haven’t sent a request for information to anyone, and the friend who sent me this mass-forwarded presentation doesn’t even know I’ve been blogging about water.

I can’t vouch for the source of the info, but even if it’s only half or even a quarter true it’s still going to make you stop and contemplate where your water is coming from, how it got to you, and what’s going to happen to the container it came in when you’re done.

Water Disaster