Technically Local, But…

I had a little rant a while back about a grocery store concept for locally engineered food that promotes itself as “locally grown”. The idea that geography is the only thing that goes into the decision to eat a more locally-based diet just rubbed me wrong and I had to get that off my chest.

Now we have a similar option in hydroponics, this one built in our own back yard. Based in Surrey, BC, Terrasphere Systems proclaims itself “the world leader in vertical farming and the truest form of self sustaining economic development on the planet” as well as providing “the solution to end world hunger”. Well now. Isn’t that some hefty, lofty self-promotion.

There may be some benefits to this approach over traditional hothouses, if hothouse is the route you want to go. I’m just wondering whether hothouse itself is an optimal approach. At least they aren’t trying to jump on the “eat local” bandwagon based on a technicality.

What do you think?

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