It Must Be Good, It’s Organic

When you start thinking about eating local, you can’t help but connect with the environmental benefits of a reduced carbon footprint. Bonus.

Then there are the benefits of adding organic to the mix, in which case you’re also choosing products that haven’t flushed chemicals into the soil and groundwater. Oh, and the health benefits of not ingesting chemical residue. All good.

Next, naturally, comes the dilemma over cleaning products. I mean, if you’re eating organic so you don’t flush or ingest chemicals, does it really make sense to be using harsh corrosives — and breathing in their vapours — when you clean the house? (Caution: If you keep up this line of thinking you may accidentally become a placard-carrying tree hugger.)

It’s Fun AND Good for the Environment

If you are frighteningly near the brink of becoming someone you never thought you’d be, just because you decided it might be fun to grow some veggies in the backyard and learn where your food actually comes from — for instance — I have good news for you. And that good news comes in the form of vodka.

Just when you thought you’d end up with no interesting vices at all, it has come to light that vodka makes a fabulous, multipurpose cleaning product! In addition to the benefits to the environment, just think how popular chores like laundry and cleaning the silver will become when you can take the occasional swig of your household cleaner between scrubbing. Just add tonic and a sliver of lime.

Unusual Uses for Vodka

“From cleaning jewelry to fighting stubborn stains, vodka has many handy uses — other than pepping up your Bloody Mary! We’ve rounded up some unusual ways to put your bottom-shelf vodka to good use all around your house.

Whether on the rocks, straight up or mixed in with your favorite cocktail, vodka has a reputation for being the life of the party. But make no mistake, this versatile spirit is more than just a one-trick pony. Thanks to its basic mixture of pure alcohol and water, vodka can be used as a strong household cleaner, pesticide and so much more. Bonus: it’s a non-toxic alternative to many traditional products and chemicals.”  Full article…

I’m not so sure your liver will agree 100% with the non-toxic claim, and it does give one pause to know vodka kills plants and bugs. However, it is worthwhile to note that after a few swigs, you won’t care!