Delicious Baskets of Food From Local Farmers

Does that sound too good to be true, “Delicious Baskets of Food From Local Farmers”?

I get tired of all the super-hype headlines that entice us to click on links. You’ve seen it, “You’ll never believe…!” Or, “You’ll never guess what happens next!” and my least favourite, “This will change your life!!” Just for the record this claim isn’t all about hype, it is true, just might be of interest, and may even change a wee part of your life–the cooking and eating part.

Watering CanDid you know there are programs were you can get food from local farmers delivered (almost) to your door? Located all over BC, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs offer access to delicious, home grown goodies without you having to do any of the weeding.

Here’s how it works. The farmers needs to know there’s a market for their crops and need money to get started. People pay their farmer to grow food and based on their contribution get a share of whatever is harvested. You get to know the farmer, you know how the food is produced (organic, free range, etc.), and each week you get a box of fresh picked produce to create healthy meals.

There are CSA’s springing up all over the place. When I wrote my first article about it 5 years ago, it was a very novel idea but it’s caught on because it works for all parties involved.

FarmFolk CityFolk has a great list of farms offering CSA programs and now is the time to get involved, before all the shares are sold. If you don’t find one in your area, be sure to do a search, ask around at your local BC farmers market.