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Garden Fertilizer (aka The Straight Poo)

I guess if you’re in the business of shoveling cow poo all day, you develop a sense of humour. At least, that’s what I’ve gathered from the products available for purchase at local gardening shops.

hillview-moo-pooThe first one I came across in my travels is Moo Poo™. I spotted this bag on a shopping trip in search of inoculant for my peas and beans, and snapped a quick pic. I did some online research and the only HillView Moo Poo company I could find was out of the States. Does it seem weird to you that we’d ship cow poo over the border from Ohio when we have a dairy farms a-plenty in the Fraser Valley?

A quick search of the internet turned up another good one, Cow Wow by Miracle Moo. Their consumer-friendly site boasts a “Poo-lution meter” calculating the amount of manure eliminated from our environment. (Not sure what that means, but it sounds like a good thing!) Click on any of the menu buttons, for a laugh.

Way-to-grow-manureAnd last but not least, there’s a Surrey company, Way to Grow, selling sterilized steer manure. I’m not sure where the scantily clad dame in a nurse’s outfit comes in, or how it relates to selling manure. Truly, it has me puzzled. But it is eye-catching and memorable, which is more than can be said for a lot of products I encounter. Despite the very dated endorsement by none other than Bill VanderZalm, at least it’s local.