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Garden Soil Preparation

In the ongoing saga of the Bumbling Gardener (that’s me)…

Once the moss was cleared, The Scientist did a fair bit of research to determine what the soil needs to be an optimal breeding ground for green, sprouting things. What the garden has going for it:

  1. There are lots of earthworms in the soil — this indicates it’s pretty healthy
  2. There is little evidence of pests in any quantity or variety
  3. Good pH levels
  4. Soil that hasn’t been worked or even touched in 10+ years, which means no chemicals have been pumped into it

What the garden has going against it:

  1. The soil is clay-ish (not the technical term)
  2. There are large-ish stones in evidence
  3. There are lots of small stones amongst the soil — The Scientist says this can actually be a good thing as it ensures good drainage
  4. There were a lot of weeds covering the area, I’ll need to be vigilant

Manure'd SoilThe Scientist determined that our best bet was to turn in a quantity of manure and add organic bone meal, as well. I was not present for the turning in of the first 2 plots, but can vouch that the task is back breaking after witnessing the transformation of the third.

(Note the pile of roots and stones in the foreground — this is tough, slow-going work!)

Garden Fertilizer (aka The Straight Poo)

I guess if you’re in the business of shoveling cow poo all day, you develop a sense of humour. At least, that’s what I’ve gathered from the products available for purchase at local gardening shops.

hillview-moo-pooThe first one I came across in my travels is Moo Poo™. I spotted this bag on a shopping trip in search of inoculant for my peas and beans, and snapped a quick pic. I did some online research and the only HillView Moo Poo company I could find was out of the States. Does it seem weird to you that we’d ship cow poo over the border from Ohio when we have a dairy farms a-plenty in the Fraser Valley?

A quick search of the internet turned up another good one, Cow Wow by Miracle Moo. Their consumer-friendly site boasts a “Poo-lution meter” calculating the amount of manure eliminated from our environment. (Not sure what that means, but it sounds like a good thing!) Click on any of the menu buttons, for a laugh.

Way-to-grow-manureAnd last but not least, there’s a Surrey company, Way to Grow, selling sterilized steer manure. I’m not sure where the scantily clad dame in a nurse’s outfit comes in, or how it relates to selling manure. Truly, it has me puzzled. But it is eye-catching and memorable, which is more than can be said for a lot of products I encounter. Despite the very dated endorsement by none other than Bill VanderZalm, at least it’s local.