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Drink Local…Water, I Mean

If you are interested in the question of bottled versus tap water quality, Food & Water Watch has prepared the must-read Take Back the Tap report which covers the many angles of this issue, including:

  • The bottled water purity myth
  • Minimal bottled vs stringent municipal quality regulations
  • The damaging affects to local farms and communities

For more info on the issues, check out our posts on the world/local water issue documentaries, Blue Gold and Flow as well.

Who Owns Your Water?

Yeah, you read that title right, “Who owns our water?” If you think that’s like asking “Who owns our air” you’re onto something. Pretty crazy isn’t it? But the weirdest part is, people running big corporations already own some people’s water and are looking to own yours. Then they can sell it to the highest bidder. And, if that isn’t you, you may well be out o’ luck.

My switch to local tap water, even on the go, came just before I discovered two documentaries on global and local water issues. Blue Gold and Flow deal with the issue differently, but have the same underlying message — we need to know what’s happening with the water in our world.

Note to self: if it can happen in Paris, it can happen here and then some.

Not only do the folks behind Flow want you to know what’s happening with water consumption and privatization, they encourage viewers to take action. Whether it’s signing an Article 31 online petition to update the Universal Declaration of Human Rights ensuring access to clean water as a fundamental human right, or connecting with one of the many organizations focused on water issues, the necessary tools to become informed are provided.

I suspect like most people, I had a vague sense that water privatization doesn’t seem like a good idea. Now I know why.