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Supermarket Secrets – The Real Cost of Cheap Food

“Supermarkets have really grown by exploiting that knowledge gap between the food producer and consumers… They’ve succeeded because we know so little about food, we don’t know any better.”

Do not watch this UK exposé, Supermarket Secrets, unless you are ready to face some nasty facts about the foods you buy at the neighbourhood grocery megamart. Thankfully, I’ve already sworn off frozen, pre-made dinners — they are disgusting.

Not sure I’ll be buying chicken anytime soon…

Vancouver Goes to the Birds…in a Good Way

brown hensIn early March 2009, Vancouver, BC city council members voted unanimously to change city bylaws to allow city dwellers to raise chickens in their backyards. It’s a victory for local food advocates and devotees to the taste of fresh eggs.

The new bylaw does raise some issues about whether people will keep the birds humanely, given that most of us have only ever seen eggs come from a cardboard carton.

For those unfamiliar with the needs of our feathered friends, BackyardChickens.com and PoultryOne.com offer a plethora of resources and forums for answers to all your questions.

Just in time for Easter, this may be the one time in your life where it’s okay to have real, cute, baby chicks on hand for the Easter egg hunt, provided they are added to your flock and properly cared for once the festivities are complete.

Happy fresh, weekend omelets!