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Local Wine: Madeleine Sylvaner

Okay, I’m not a wine drinker so it gives me nothing but happiness to actually be able to write a post about wine!

My future sister-in-law was chatting about a new white she and a friend had tried the other day when my brain picked up a catch phrase, “100% local wine”. Hmmm, was this my chance to sound all sophisticated with my wine information? You bet!

Domaine de Chaberton is a Langley winery (this I knew) that actually grows some of their grapes in South Langley (this I did not know). Some of those local beauties are used to make Madeleine Sylvaner, a white wine with three awards to its credit.

The Madeleine Sylvaner web page says that the wine pairs well with “oysters, fresh seafood, lemony chicken dishes and citrusy summer salads”. I’m pretty sure my future sister-in-law paired it with a nice evening on the deck and good conversation with a friend.

Her comments? “Refreshing, flavourful, and perfect for summer!”

Give it a try and please let me know how it goes by leaving a comment. I may not drink the stuff but, now as a full-fledged wine blogger, I’m curious about what you think.

Granola Leaves Me Dry

I’m working my way through a package of New World Natural Foods organic, barley malt granola. It’s slow going.

I liked all of the things that the packaging had to say:

  • Locally made here in BC
  • Organic
  • High fibre
  • Low sodium
  • No sugar added

What I can’t get past is the crunchy chew. I don’t mean the traditional crunchy granola texture that’s a result of a toasted, sugar coating. I mean a crunchy, the-oats-didn’t-quite-get-cooked-through texture. Like rice that’s taken off the stove too soon and is still crunchy inside.

Maybe that’s what they were going for, but I like even my healthy food not to wear out my jaw.

On the upside, New World is pretty conscientious about their product. They source locally as much as possible, pack in recyclable or biodegradable containers, add no processed sugar and very little salt.

And I recognize and can pronounce everything on the list of ingredients.

Have you tried this product? Add your feedback, post a comment…

Vegan Tastes Good. Who Knew?

You can be forgiven for thinking the word “vegan” means the opposite of “tasty” as I did until my recent run-in with New World Natural Foods chocolate Bliss Balls. I’d seen them around before, but always steered clear since the regular ones look a little too wholesome and fibrous to actually taste good.

I expected them to be full of chewy ground nuts, grains and fruit, but these chocolatey treats are more like large, quality chocolate truffles than a (slightly) more healthy alternative to same. What they don’t have is eggs, milk or wheat. What they do have is smooth, velvety, melt-in-your-mouth, great taste.

I guess what it boils down to is this: some people want to eat vegan and still have a few treats, and those of us who aren’t vegan like the idea of eating a more socially responsible form of chocolate decadence.

I’m good with that.

Note: Another thing I like is that the container was made of corn and fully biodegradable, even though it looks like standard issue, plastic.

Have you tried this product? Add your feedback, post a comment…