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Local Wine: Madeleine Sylvaner

Okay, I’m not a wine drinker so it gives me nothing but happiness to actually be able to write a post about wine!

My future sister-in-law was chatting about a new white she and a friend had tried the other day when my brain picked up a catch phrase, “100% local wine”. Hmmm, was this my chance to sound all sophisticated with my wine information? You bet!

Domaine de Chaberton is a Langley winery (this I knew) that actually grows some of their grapes in South Langley (this I did not know). Some of those local beauties are used to make Madeleine Sylvaner, a white wine with three awards to its credit.

The Madeleine Sylvaner web page says that the wine pairs well with “oysters, fresh seafood, lemony chicken dishes and citrusy summer salads”. I’m pretty sure my future sister-in-law paired it with a nice evening on the deck and good conversation with a friend.

Her comments? “Refreshing, flavourful, and perfect for summer!”

Give it a try and please let me know how it goes by leaving a comment. I may not drink the stuff but, now as a full-fledged wine blogger, I’m curious about what you think.