Stone Soup Film Festival Coming This Fall

Learn more about food issues, both locally and internationally, at this year’s Stone Soup Film Festival. Presented by the East End Food Co-op and the Grandview Woodland Food Connection, the festival will explore health and nutrition, food economics, agricultural worker rights, and urban agriculture over two days of great films.

October 17 & 18, 2009
Britannia Community Services Centre
1661 Napier Street, Vancouver
Purchase a pass for $15: 604.718.5800

The film festival is a part of the Stone Soup Fall Food Gathering, also taking place at Britannia Centre. Events will include:

  • “DIY” Food Day on October 3, a day of sessions where participants learn the art of making and preserving food
  • Community Potluck on October 15 from 6:30 – 8:30 pm
  • Food Justice Forum & Discussion on October 8 from 7:00 – 9:00 pm

More information (pdf)

Planning to attend? Leave a comment and let us know how it went.

2 thoughts on “Stone Soup Film Festival Coming This Fall

  1. Ellen Frankenstein

    Greetings! Want to throw another film possibility at you, made just across the border, which gets folks talking about local foods, ethics and conservation too.

    Eating Alaska is a documentary about a vegetarian, who moves to Alaska, marries a fisherman and hunter starts to wonder what is the “right thing” to eat. In a wry enlightening quest for a sustainable, healthy and ethical meal, women try to teach her to hunt, teens gather traditional foods, vegans give cooking lessons, an organic farmer shares his story of growing on the last frontier, she fishes for wild salmon, scrutinizes food labels with kids and finds toxic chemicals getting into wild foods. With humor and compassion, Eating Alaska shows natives and non-natives trying to balance buying industrial processed foods with growing their own and living off the land in the 21st century. Made by a former urban vegetarian now living on an island in Alaska, it is a journey into regional food traditions, our connection to where we live and what we put into our mouths.

    See a clip, read more at and

    Be happy to send you a screener, Let us know if you are interested!

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