More Supermarket Secrets – Farmers Caught in the Middle

“This is a great myth. Supermarkets have not given us cheap, good quality food. They’ve given us some foods that are fantastically cheap, but it’s very expensive to eat well.”

Does it make sense that perfectly nutritious produce is tossed out — at the farmers’ expense — because it’s not the “perfect” shape? (What exactly is the perfect shape for a potato, anyway, and just who decides?)

How about the new, trendy Zero Grazing milk production? That’s just a fancy term for cows that never see the light of day, feel the warmth of the sun, or eat fresh grass, all in the name of optimal, “cheap” milk production.

The mega grocery store chain you likely shop from wants hardy, easy to ship produce, taste be damned. And that means farmers either produce it, or find another career. Part II of the Supermarket Secrets exposé is just as insightful as the first. Warning: it is also not for the faint of heart.

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