Eat Local, Change the World

The Story of StuffFor me, eating local is part of a bigger picture.

It’s about needing to use sustainable practices because eating local means the land has to feed us for generations. It’s about shipping food less thereby reducing our carbon footprint. It’s about improved taste and variety. It’s about knowing where my food comes from, what it’s made of, and not putting things in my mouth that have names I cannot pronounce.

And, it’s a host of other, somewhat vague concerns about what our food practices are doing to the places where we get that food.

It was vague, that is, until I watched The Story of Stuff. Embedded in this smart, fast-paced video is the information that gets buried and muffled in economic and international policy jargon, but that we all need to know.

It’s easy to watch, easy to follow, easy to understand. And instead of leaving you wondering what to do, it’ll make you feel like a more empowered consumer with an incentive to start making smarter choices.

This is an exposé that we all need to see. See the full video at The Story of Stuff, or catch a sneak preview below…