Don’t Waste a Bite of That Apple

Once you realize how precious your organic food is, you’ll be much more inclined not to let it go to waste or accidentally rot in the back of your fridge. Consider that in order to go organic someone may have to hand weed, hand de-bug and hand pick the food that ends up in your cloth grocery bags. Between that and the dear price you pay for it (which now makes more sense), you’ll not want to waste a nibble of it!

Here is a great example of how to get every last ounce of goodness from the apples that are readily available this time of year, courtesy of Foodbeast at Huffington Post:

It works!

One thought on “Don’t Waste a Bite of That Apple

  1. Doug Penn

    Love apple eating. Super crunching apple in the clip. Always wondered about eating the seeds. They contain low levels of arsenic, but there is not enough arsenic to be of a concern as your body can detoxify the seeds. If you compost, the worms will do a great job making you new soil.

    Liz, thanks for the information.

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