New, Used Compost Bin

used-compost-binWhen The Scientist and I went down to pick up the compost bin and rain barrel from the city depot a couple of months ago, we got the rain barrel but they were out of compost bins. I had my name added to the wait list, but in the meantime the next door neighbour Rob offered us his old one.

The Scientist wasn’t too keen at first, because the holes aren’t big enough (he did his research). That and it was a little beat up. But, it has a Ministry of Environment stamp on it and it was re-used and free — which meets my criteria — so I am pretty certain it couldn’t be all bad. Besides, a little duct tape and a 6″ layer of cow poo and we’re in business!

I suspect there will be a new, shiny one set up next to it by my next visit, though.