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Mutant Radishes a Bust

Radish HarvestThe mutant radishes were a bit of a bust. They sprouted like crazy, then started going to seed, but hadn’t turned any shade of pink let alone red.

I pulled one really big round one, but the rest were pretty thin and many had been attacked by worms that left trails (and poo, I think) throughout. Overall, not a great harvest.

Radish DamageI’ve now pulled out the whole lot and re-seeded. Before I put the seeds in, I added some manure, blended it in with the existing soil and then topped that with some new topsoil. I’m hoping that will encourage the little blighters to grow like the picture on the package this time.

Hey, maybe that’s why people sometimes put the seed packet at the end of the row, so the seeds know what they are supposed to look like when they grow up!

Not sure what, if anything, I can do about the worms.