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Singin’ in the Rain (Barrel)

When you’re new at this gardening thing, every little event is worth celebrating. And the new rain barrel certainly fits our criteria of things to celebrate. Break out the champagne! (You think I’m kidding.)

The Scientist has jumped wholeheartedly on board with the 2008 Bumbling Gardener adventure and deserves a medal for all the back breaking groundbreaking he did to prep the soil. But that’s another post

City of Vancouver Rain Barrel Program

City of Vancouver Rain Barrel Program

I have the good fortune of having a Partner in Grime (gardening is dirty work, people) with a nice big vehicle and the willingness to join me in the adventure. A little bit of scouting at City Farmer put me in touch with the City of Vancouver Rain Barrel Program which provides city residents with a subsidized rain barrel (50% off).

The Scientist hooked it up and is regularly watering the garden with it. In fact, after a few days without rain, and a dwindling supply in the barrel, we were actually pleased to have a recent overnight deluge. Can’t say I ever thought I’d be pleased to hear there is rain in the forecast!