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More Quality Seeds Sources

Until I became aware that quality seeds matter, I thought you bought seeds wherever from whomever. I mean, as long as it grows, right? (Well sure, until you start thinking about the downsides to using GMO seeds.)

Then as I started gardening and having success with some seeds and not others, it became apparent why it’s also beneficial to plant local seed varieties, cultivated to thrive in specific regional climates.

You can learn how to save seeds yourself — just remember, it’s important to store seeds properly — but if that’s too much work or it’s too late in the season, it’s good to know where you can get quality seeds.

In addition to those listed in an earlier post, Sourcing Seeds Locally, Cyber-Help for Organic Farmers also offers a list of certified organic seed suppliers in Canada.

Remember, some plants are more particular about the environment they’ll grow in, so it may be beneficial to choose from a source whose seeds come from your own or a similar climate region, too.