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Beefing up the Soil

I was taking a close look at the garden soil last weekend, and noted it’s pretty heavy on the clay and not so heavy on proper dirt, which seems like it may not bode well for our tender shoots. Hmmm, maybe I could/should add some organic matter to the mix and lighten things up a little.

The retired neighbour next door offered his compost and bin (thank you Rob!), no longer used, so I checked it out. It was totally dry and not much use as compost, but it IS organic matter so I blended some into the garden in areas that haven’t been seeded yet.

While I was at it, I took out quite a few rocks, which is only going to bode well for our little green bits. It was on-your-knees labour, so I hope it’s going to make a difference.

My plan is to plant more of some of the things I’ve already planted so I can compare how they grow, particularly the carrots, which — the books say — need less compacted soil to grow long and straight.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but…playing in the dirt was fun!