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Milk Nazis

Gallon-Milk-AspartameOkay, it’s crazy enough that raw milk is illegal both here and across the border in the US, but now there are stories surfacing that the US dairy industry wants to add sweeteners like aspartame to it, WITHOUT LABELLING. It’s a new level of insanity, in my books. On so many levels this is WRONG.

US Dairy Industry Petitions FDA to Approve Aspartame as Hidden, Unlabelled Additive in Milk, Yogurt, Eggnog and Cream

When I spent time in central america I was treated to the beauty of drinking fresh, raw milk and suffered no ill effects whatsoever. In fact, I learned that milk in it’s raw form doesn’t rot, it simply changes form as time progresses. Once it’s no longer fresh and smooth enough to blend in your coffee without clumping, it becomes a texture similar to buttermilk and can be used to make oh-so-delicious pancakes, scones and other baked goods. And it doesn’t have that horrific rancid odour that rotten, processed milk has.

The farm where I stayed had a few cows and we regularly had milk delivered to the house. I gotta say, there’s nothing so local as pouring milk in your coffee that is hand delivered by the farmer and is still warm. Local and delicious!