Tasty, All-Natural, Alternative to Sugar

There are many sweet and tasty products made in Québec , which produces of over 85 percent of the world’s maple syrup.

Newest on the go is award winning Equinox Maple Flakes by Decacer. This latest innovation is a unique sweetener made by dehydrating maple syrup. Maple Flakes received the most innovative product award at Sial Montreal 2007 and a “SIAL d’OR” at SIAL Paris 2008.

The popular Maple Flakes are used by chefs and artisans, as well as food processors, to add a sweet maple taste, a crispy texture and all the health benefits of maple syrup to all manner of food.

Your only limit is your imagination.


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One thought on “Tasty, All-Natural, Alternative to Sugar

  1. Jodie

    I now have a farmer friend named Phil and his wife Cindy that grown their own organic stevia in southern B.C. at their farm called Suede Hills http://www.steviasweetsuccess.com. Their stevia is amazing, not bitter at all, and I’ve been appreciating their alfalfa too. Check them out if you’re looking for a 100-mile sweetener that’s not honey or maple!

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