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west-coast-seedsThe guru of west coast organic gardening and seed selection is West Coast Seeds. I’ve heard the name uttered in hushed, reverent, gardener-in-the-know tones particularly in reference to the annual West Coast Seeds free Gardening Guide.

If you want access to non-Monsanto-interfered-with seeds, these folks are your local source.

Not only do they have over 600 vegetable, herb and flower seed varieties, they have the envied, must-have, Planting Chart for Coastal BC on page 6. The catalogue/guide is filled with gardening tips, organic pest solutions, and other misc. gardening information that make it worth its weight, even if you buy your genetically modified seeds from the local hardware store or nursery.

If you can’t get down to their Delta location (must have car and up-to-date map!), by all means check them out online, request the catalogue, and order your seeds by mail. If you can get to the store, you’ll be treated to a wide variety of books, tools, garden enhancements (i.e. bee houses), and friendly advice to assist in your organic gardening endeavours.

Oh, and sign up for their newsletter, which is also full of timely planting tips — seasoned and novice gardeners alike will want to know what West Coast Seeds has to say.

PS: The website is a goldmine of information, peruse only when you have plenty of time to “waste”.

Note: (Jan 2010) I get periodic comments from individuals asking or accusing West Coast Seeds of selling GMO and/or Monsanto seeds. Frankly, from the comments I see it feels a bit like an urban myth that won’t die. However, Local Delicious makes no claims and is not a representative of West Coast Seeds. If you have questions, please contact WCS directly. If, on the other hand, you have proof of misdoing, we’re happy to talk…

12 thoughts on “West Coast Seeds

  1. Former Employee

    Not sure if you were aware, but all of west coast seeds’ carrots come from a company called seminis, which is owned by monsanto. Just food for thought.

  2. liz Post author

    That’s great info, I appreciate your comment. Just goes to show, one can never take things for granted. I’ll bet if enough people called WCS on it, they’d take those seeds off their list. Anyone…?

  3. Mark Macdonald

    Hi folks, nice web site! Thanks for the kind words about the West Coast Seeds catalogue. It’s something we’re very proud of.

    I think that the statement “Former Employee” made needs some clarification. We sell carrot seeds from all sorts of sources, so that statement is incorrect. Most of our suppliers are certified organic seed distributors, and many of our seeds were grown organically, but uncertified. We deal with suppliers from all over North America and Europe – even Japan.

    As a matter of fact, the two carrot varieties in question, Prodigy and Envy, purchased by the previous owner of our company are no longer available from West Coast Seeds.

    Our priority remains to offer the best seed available for this growing area, with the highest rate of germination, and from hybrid, open pollinated, heirloom, and organic strains.

    We encourage people to make conscientious decisions in the marketplace, but we also want people to have accurate information.


    Mark Macdonald – Current Employee, West Coast Seeds

  4. liz Post author

    Thanks, Mark. That’s a great reminder — take everything you hear with a grain of salt. Find out both sides of the story before making up your mind. It’s a good reminder to check sources and credibility, too.

    I do love an open forum…

  5. liz gaige Post author

    Hi Rich,
    Thanks for your comments. Who are your sources for information? I’d be happy to post your comment if you can back it up with a link to an independent source.

    Much appreciated,

  6. Oli

    I bought a packet of cauliflower seeds from this company. They were the Heirloom overwintering variety, Galleon. I’m looking forward to growing them in my enclosed cloche that I built. The packet stated an approximate seed count of 35, but I was really disappointed to find only 21 seeds in the packet. Especially since these seeds are supposed to keep for a couple of years. I emailed the company with no response. All the seeds germinated well though. I think I’ll look at other seed companies for my hierlooms/heritage varieties.

  7. liz gaige Post author

    West Coast Seeds is by no means the only seed company around, it just does a great job of letting people know what’s available and provides some great gardening resources, so it’s well known. (I refer to their annual catalogue as “gardener’s porn” based on the way I’ve seen folks drool over the pictures and deliciously diverse seed varieties.)

    For a list of other seed companies see http://www.localdelicious.com/orgs/sourcing-seeds-locally. And for organic garlic, check out Garlic Farm, referenced in the article at http://www.localdelicious.com/products/garlic-rust-fungus.

    Happy planting!

  8. Oli

    Here’s a great little company I found offering an excellent selection of potato and garlic seed at great prices. Their diversity in potato varieties seems pretty impressive and shipping is very reasonable.

    Eagle Creek Seed Potatoes – http://www.seedpotatoes.ca

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