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More Supermarket Secrets – Farmers Caught in the Middle

“This is a great myth. Supermarkets have not given us cheap, good quality food. They’ve given us some foods that are fantastically cheap, but it’s very expensive to eat well.”

Does it make sense that perfectly nutritious produce is tossed out — at the farmers’ expense — because it’s not the “perfect” shape? (What exactly is the perfect shape for a potato, anyway, and just who decides?)

How about the new, trendy Zero Grazing milk production? That’s just a fancy term for cows that never see the light of day, feel the warmth of the sun, or eat fresh grass, all in the name of optimal, “cheap” milk production.

The mega grocery store chain you likely shop from wants hardy, easy to ship produce, taste be damned. And that means farmers either produce it, or find another career. Part II of the Supermarket Secrets exposé is just as insightful as the first. Warning: it is also not for the faint of heart.

See Supermarket Secrets I.

Supermarket Secrets – The Real Cost of Cheap Food

“Supermarkets have really grown by exploiting that knowledge gap between the food producer and consumers… They’ve succeeded because we know so little about food, we don’t know any better.”

Do not watch this UK exposé, Supermarket Secrets, unless you are ready to face some nasty facts about the foods you buy at the neighbourhood grocery megamart. Thankfully, I’ve already sworn off frozen, pre-made dinners — they are disgusting.

Not sure I’ll be buying chicken anytime soon…

Alice Waters Interview, 60 Minutes

In an interview with Lesley Stahl on 60 Minutes, Alice Waters of Chez Panisse fame is touted as the “mother of the slow food movement.” While technically, this takes license with the facts (the Slow Food Movement started in Italy in the 1980’s), she could rightly be referred to as an initial champion of the concept in the US.

While many viewers, judging from comments on the CBS website, take issue with her “arrogance” (personally, I don’t see it), I think she’s been a very successful advocate in raising awareness and standards of what constitutes good tasting, quality food . And, as with any cause, it’s only when someone steps into the limelight that the general public hears about it. (Uhm, was mainstream media interviewing Ms. Waters all the years she sweating in the kitchen?)

Does the 60 Minutes clip tell the whole story? No. Can any sound byte do that? No. Does it spread the word? Yes.

If people are talking — even if they are arguing — at least there is dialogue. Frankly, I think it’s great that there is some controversy, it just helps give the topic more airplay.

Check it out for yourself and feel free to send us your comments…