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Vegan Tastes Good. Who Knew?

You can be forgiven for thinking the word “vegan” means the opposite of “tasty” as I did until my recent run-in with New World Natural Foods chocolate Bliss Balls. I’d seen them around before, but always steered clear since the regular ones look a little too wholesome and fibrous to actually taste good.

I expected them to be full of chewy ground nuts, grains and fruit, but these chocolatey treats are more like large, quality chocolate truffles than a (slightly) more healthy alternative to same. What they don’t have is eggs, milk or wheat. What they do have is smooth, velvety, melt-in-your-mouth, great taste.

I guess what it boils down to is this: some people want to eat vegan and still have a few treats, and those of us who aren’t vegan like the idea of eating a more socially responsible form of chocolate decadence.

I’m good with that.

Note: Another thing I like is that the container was made of corn and fully biodegradable, even though it looks like standard issue, plastic.

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Crunchy, Munchy Kettle Corn

You’ll love the brief and fully pronounceable ingredients list on HevyD’s Kettle Korn. According to the label, all you’ll find in the package is popcorn, canola oil, sugar and sea salt. No preservatives, no trans fats, no GMO oil, and no cholesterol. And no guilt.

I recently checked out a well appointed 190g bag (really, why bother with anything smaller) from our very own backyard in Vernon, BC. Now, I like a good buttery mix of salty and sweet in my kettle corn and while this one was a bit more sweet than salty, the flavouring was light enough not to feel overdone — why, practically healthy, even.

I’d like to be able to tell you how it tasted the second time I tried it, but even with the bigger bag it didn’t last long enough for that. (In my defense, I was sharing.)

In addition to producing a very tasty snack, HevyD’s Kettle Korn offers fund raising opportunities and a new music portal in support of indie musicians. My snack came with a coupon for 20 free downloads, which I fully intend to take advantage of.

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