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Guerilla Gardening

<b><i>Courtesy of www.HeavyPetal.ca</i></b>

Courtesy of www.HeavyPetal.ca

I think the coolest part of being part of a community garden is meeting other gardeners, learning from them (all tips welcome!), and developing a sense of community around a shared passion.

One of the people I met at 16 Oaks is Alex, who told me about Heavy Petal, a local gardening tips blog. I checked it out and so far my favourite post is A Brief History of the Seed Ball, in which the author says,

“Seed balls are particularly useful in dry and arid areas where rainfall is highly unpredictable. I like ‘em because they’re easy to chuck over fences into empty lots.”

I love the idea of surreptitiously planting things in neglected and abandoned lots that aren’t being used for anything, even if it’s just flowers to brighten up the walk to work.

Heavy Petal also has a virtual garden tour where you can upload pictures of your garden and take people on a “tour” of how yours is coming along.