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Food Labels: Biologique Canada Organic

Food Label Tag GreenCanada’s new system of certifying and identifying organic products comes into effect June 30, 2009. According to the Department of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s website, “When the Organic Products Regulations come into full force on June 30, 2009, voluntary use of the “Biologique Canada Organic” designation and logo will be permitted on the labelling of those food products certified as meeting the National Organic Standards (Canadian Organic Production Systems General Principles and Management Standards CAN/CGSB 32.310 and Permitted Substances Lists CAN/CGSB 32.311).”

After June 30, 2009, consumers should see this logo (above) on various organic products. Obviously, this new system will take a while to be on all packaging, so we’ve included an excerpt from Ecoholic on what the Canadian system looks like now.canada-organic-logo-09

Excerpt from Ecoholic

“There are dozens of certifiers in Canada, so until the fed’s new Canada Organic regulation and label are fully phased in you might find a confusing number of logos on grocery shelves certifying to slightly different standards. (Quebec and BC are the only provinces that already had their own mandatory systems in place.)”

“In general, to qualify for organic certification, farms have to be pesticide-free for three years and must avoid synthetic inputs such as pesticides and antibiotics, as well as the deliberate use of GMO’s [Genetically Modified Organisms], while stressing soil-building. Certifiers also tend to have basic stipulations about animal welfare (no caged chickens or rabbits, for instance), although European programs are better than those in Canada and the US on this front.”

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Great Info Source: Ecoholic

When I first started looking in to possible  environmental triggers for a few health issues I was experiencing, I came across a fab little book called Ecoholic. It has become an indispensable tool in my arsenal.

Written by Canadian author Adria Vasil, Ecoholic covers a wide variety of topics from personal health products to household cleaners to kids toys. It also includes a comprehensive section on food which explores:

  • food labels (I constantly refer to this section)
  • industrial agriculture, pesticides, and the environmental benefit of a local diet
  • food packaging and gives tips on its safety (for you and for Earth)
  • the working conditions in some of the world’s most popular crops such as coffee and chocolate — yes, child slavery is in full force at many chocolate plantations
  • the growing prevalence of organic wines

What I truly appreciate in this book is that it isn’t just a “what not to do” manual — although there is A LOT to not do — but Adria gives specific suggestions for better, more healthy options. Yes, she names brands!

So, if you’re looking for a good, all around reference for a greener, more responsible lifestyle, I recommend starting with Ecoholic.

Did You Know?
Coffee is actually supposed to be grown under the thick rainforest canopy, not in squished rows out in the blazing sun? Imagine how fantastic the first coffee tasted?