How to Beat the Worldwide Food Shortage

Overpopulated_EarthWhen I talk with people about accessibility to food (a key element in food security) I’m often reminded by them that there are too many people on this planet and not enough food and THAT is the problem. This is “common knowledge” after all. Right? Well actually it’s a more a common misconception. The problem isn’t that we don’t have enough food, it’s that what we have isn’t used very wisely.

Huge amounts of food are discarded, often not even making it out of the farmers’ fields. “What?!” you say? “How can that be?!” you say?

I bet you also think lemons only ever look like this: Lemons1

In truth, the sometimes look like this, and still taste delicious:


So what’s to be done? As usual our European friends have beat us North Americans to the punch in addressing a much-needed change in perception and beliefs, while at the same time doing a brilliant job of addressing another issue, access to quality food for those on a budget. Watch this video and see if it helps you grasp the issues and wonder at the simplicity of the solution.

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