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Local Delicious is all about getting the scoop on local food. Oh, and changing the world.

Here’s what you should know:

  • I’m not a “foodie” except in so far as I have a healthy appreciation for the stuff.
  • I’m a rather improbable gardener, nothing at all like an urban food sustainability expert.
  • I get riled when I stop to think about all the stupid decisions being made in how we treat our life-sustaining systems, all of them: air, water, soil…
  • It breaks my heart that we have so much food on the planet that is not getting to the people who need it. We take food security for granted but it isn’t a given.
  • And it really, really bugs me that we manufacture animals instead of treating them like living, breathing beings.

globe&mailDon’t get me wrong. I’m no paragon of perfection. (Well, when it comes to doing everything right for the environment all the time, anyway.) But I do believe in making small decisions every day that are in the best interest of my health, the health of my community, and the health of the earth. I like to think of it as my own little ripple effect. And every little ripple counts.

See, eating local may seem like a local-ist kind of thing to do, but it’s actually a global-ist thing to do, brought right into our kitchen where you can have an impact. Eating local means less carbon footprint with decreased food transportation and less packaging. It’s about building sustainability into local economies and strengthening communities of all kinds. It’s about knowing your farmer/producer and being confident you are feeding your kids — and yourself — better quality food.

Local Delicious came about because it’s all well and good to want to eat locally (and get all the great ripple effects from doing so), but if you can’t find the goods, that’s pretty hard to do. And how do you tap into the information you need to make good decisions?

In answer to that and other questions we’ve got stuff on local products, urban gardening, local and global food-related issues, local education, organizations, films, books… it’s quite a mix. Check us out, come back often, post a comment, tell your friends, follow us on Twitter.

Local food is all about community and sharing – so welcome aboard!

Liz Gaige
Local Food Enthusiast

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