The Garden – Size Matters

When dreaming of my garden, I envisioned a 4’x8′ garden plot — maybe 4’x12′ if I felt adventurous. That’s about the dimensions of a typical community garden plot, the kind I am on a waiting list for…at about #56 in the queue.

moss-removalI am, after all, a novice gardener, and that would be a reasonable space in which to try my hand. Don’t you think?

Well, after doing some research and drawing out a plan on paper, The Scientist determined that a 12’x12′ plot was in order. Then, after doing some digging and factoring in 1′ paths between the beds plus space for The Raspberries, the garden somehow reached an overall size of 16’x21′. Oops.

Now, that might not seem like a big deal. I mean, in for a penny, in for a pound, right? Well, except that the backyard in question was covered in moss. Still is actually, except for that 16’x21′ area.

Native vegetationWithout consulting me and to my astonishment, The Scientist cleared the entire garden area, not only of moss, but of a significant amount of interconnected, green, non-flowering plants that I can attest are a bugger to root up. I joined in the effort when it was well underway and was amazed at how much effort it took to clear the field of green and expose the soil to sunlight.

Kudos to The Scientist. I’d have grumbled and whined exceedingly about clearing a 4’x8′ patch, never mind half the square footage of a downtown Vancouver condo.