Spider Bite

Alright, I’ve been laughed at for being an improbable gardener, one who doesn’t like bugs or dirt, but I now rest my case. I awoke with an itchy spot on my left shin that went from no visible mark to red, unhappy welt to 2.5″ diameter red, itchy welt.

<b.On the mend, still itchy</b>

<b.On the mend, still itchy

At first I ignored it, but as the red patch expanded I thought I better dial HealthLink BC at 811 (formerly the Nurse Line) to see if I needed to be concerned. Because it was expanding and I was feeling a little short of breath, the nurse I spoke with advised me to go to a clinic and get it checked out. Rather than risk a deadly anaphylactic reaction, I did, and clearly it wasn’t anything fatal.

Despite this unprovoked attack, I do intend to continue practicing my catch and release insect philosophy when it comes to good bugs, including (most) spiders.