Radishes Gone Wild

One of the very first things to sprout in the new garden, despite — or maybe because of — my planting them in mid-April, were the radishes.

radishes-gone-wildWhen I arrived at the garden in the middle of last week I discovered that the radishes were not only growing like crazy, they were getting ready to seed. I quickly trimmed off all of the large stalks to ensure that doesn’t happen. I’ve never seen radish greens get so large. Is this normal?

It seems like if they were getting ready to seed, they’d be ready to eat, but the radishes are still white, even though the package shows then red when ripe. Hmmm. This calls for a taste test…

I pulled one of the larger, white radishes and took a bite. Wow, that thing has zip! I didn’t think it was going to be a horseradish, people! I think I’ll wait a few weeks to see if they get red. Either way, they’ll make a nice shredded addition to salads and/or my next stir fry.