Growing Microgreens

What the heck are microgreens? They’re like mini greens, only smaller.

If you’re looking to add some new, nutritious tastes to your summer cooking you can go to the farmers market and buy microgreens. Or, you can quickly and easily grow them yourself in a minimum of space. A recent article by Matthew Kadey in Alive magazine has me salivating to add them to my summer salads and gluten-free wraps to add crisp new flavours as well as lots of great nutrition.

“If you’ve got a windowsill, you’ve got the space and light necessary to grow a variety of nutrient-rich micro greens. For those who haven’t heard the term, micro greens are plants and lettuces that are harvested to eat when they reach about one to two inches high—well before they’ve grown to full size.

Unlike sprouts where you eat the seed, root, stem, and underdeveloped leaves, with micro greens the stem is cut and you nosh on the baby leafy foliage that is bursting with tastes ranging from peppery to mild and subtle. Undeniably, they have become all the rage as a fanciful garnish and flavour accent at finer restaurants. Plus, health experts are increasingly trumpeting these plant shoots for their cocktail of disease-fighting compounds. Here’s how and why you should rear your own.”  Read the full article

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  1. liz gaige Post author

    That was a tongue-in-cheek reference. Even if there aren’t any mini-greens yet, I’m sure someone will start promoting them soon.

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