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Ouch! Stung by a Wasp

Ouch! I was stung by a wasp. Or a hornet or some other such mean-spirited buzzer. I was just walking along in the garden, on my way over to water the tomatoes when I felt a sharp, jab in my foot. I swear I jumped a foot off the ground as I yelped in surprise.

I could find no sign of a stinger, that’s why I’m certain it was not a bee.

I’ve never been stung before in my life and I had NO idea it would hurt this bad. Seriously, it freakin’ hurts! I’m not a pansy when it comes to pain, I can suck it up like the best of them, but that was totally uncalled for.

Hmmm, I hope I’m not allergic. I wonder how you know you’re going into anaphylactic shock? If I don’t quite…get…this…post…finished…

Kidding! I’m fine.  After a day of throbbing , jabbing pain in the front half of my left foot all is well.  (No, I’m not being a drama queen. If I were, I’d tell you my whole foot hurt.) All that remains of the incident is a red pin prick on the outside of my big toe. How I managed to disrupt the business end of a wasp in mid stride amazes me.

The other thing that amazes me is how long that dang thing hurt! When I was a kid a mosquito bite was a mosquito bite, but even those now turn into big welts that itch for days. Either those guys are getting hardier or I’m getting less so.

BTW, while researching the odds of my impending death as a result of the unfortunate incident, I came across this first aid treatment for bee and wasp stings. It may be worth your while to take note.