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Vancouver’s Building Neighbourhood Food Networks Event

Village Vancouver, Vancouver Food Policy Council, Grandview Woodland Food Connection, and Langara College Continuing Studies presents, Building Neighbourhood Food Networks.

Join with other groups and individuals who are involved in neighbourhood and city-wide food security and food system activities in looking at networking opportunities in and between different Vancouver neighbourhoods.

We invite individuals and groups who are engaged around food, food security, food justice, and building sustainable and resilient food systems to learn what local Neighbourhood Food Networks are doing, and to meet colleagues, share ideas, and explore ways to work together toward common food security goals.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010
1:00 – 4:00 pm
Langara College, 100 W. 49th Avenue
Room C509


To register: Please RSVP by calling Langara College Continuing Studies at 604-323-5322. Be sure to quote course number CRN 60916 and include your email address when registering.

2008 Vandusen Harvest Celebration

Vandusen Botanical Garden’s 2008 Harvest Celebration and Farmers Market was a great opportunity to take in both the fabulous Vandusen gardens and delicious garden produce. A wide variety of food products were available as expected, but I was also intrigued to discover a few organizations that are making a difference in the community.

The Vancouver Food Policy Council has succeeded in having a Food Charter adopted by the Vancouver City Council, indicating they are committed to “the development of a coordinated municipal food policy” and a “just and sustainable food system.” The VFPC continue to work with a variety of organizations and programs to further these goals.

Originally begun as a resource for underprivileged families, the Community Kitchen Program has grown to bring people from all walks of life together. In partnership with the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, this community-building program uses church and community centre kitchens, as well as its own facility, as a meeting place for people to gather, learn, cook, and eat together.

UBC Farms and Friends of the UBC Farm were on hand to highlight the innovative research, sustainability education, and food security initiatives that the student-run farm has been involved in since its inception in 2000. Friends of UBC Farm is working to raise awareness of the University of British Columia’s plan to develop the property for yet more market housing at the expense of the valuable contribution the farm provides in creating a sustainable food system and culture.

Three more examples of the communities that good food builds. Delicious.