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Self-Watering Container Garden

I met an urban gardener from New York City via Twitter not long ago, an avid balcony (and fire escape and yard) gardener and blogger. I checked out CanarsieBK’s blog and found some great info, including but not limited to these wicked self-watering containers.

It’s now official, “I’m not here to water” is no longer a legit excuse not to garden. Check out this clever concept and watch the how-to video at Urban Organic Gardener.

I hope more people adopt the Local Delicious philosophy that every little bit counts. Well said, CanarsieBK (a.k.a. Mike Lieberman):

“Most people think that living sustainably and making eco-friendly decisions are difficult and can’t be done. That it’s an all or nothing type game. Through my sites and writing, I want to show you that it’s simple to make these decisions. Some or all of these steps can easily be done in your daily lives without any disruption, and I would like to show you how to do them.” – CanarsieBK/Mike Lieberman