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Building a Network for Change

Many of the people I’ve encountered as part of my interest in all things local food-ish get that being part of a network allows you to have a bigger impact than trying to change the world alone. It’s the very basis of a grassroots approach when you see something you like or don’t like and feel the need to shake things up.

Most of us don’t wield much more power than a small — if mighty — sword in the shape of a pen (or blog), so connecting with other people who “get it” and want to share ideas and resources to make things happen becomes second nature. I’ve found this particularly true of the local food community. There’s something about food, eating, and gardening that inherently brings people together and creates a connection.

Well, hello mainstream, it looks like the big guns are jumping on board. The kind of collaboration (a.k.a. networks) that communities and grassroots movements have long relied upon now has some new labels, cool technical jargon, and pretty graphics. But set aside the fancy terminology and it’s the same old barn-raising approach that has effected change since the dawn of time.

Hurrah! Just imagine the change that could happen…

Thinking Like a Network from Lemongrass Media on Vimeo.