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Gourmet Ceviche in a Bottle

Listen, if I can make ceviche, anyone can make ceviche.Ceviche

Once described to me as Mexican sushi, I first discovered my love of ceviche on a Mayan resort where I ate it almost daily for lunch. Between that and the fresh salsa and fresh guacamole, I was in heaven. No other food required. Especially not hamburgers and hotdogs. (Come on, people, are you kidding me?!)

I’ve never been one to cook a lot of seafood, mostly because (a) I grew up on the Prairies where the rare, fresh, rainbow trout got stuffed and cooked beyond recognition or digestibility, (b) fish is too easy to overcook and I’m never sure, and (c) I haven’t a clue how to season without overwhelming it. I make a mean Thai green curry chicken, but let’s be kind and say seafood is not my forte.

Then in rides Simply West Coast on a white horse. They have bottled gourmet flavour and combined it with easy, easy prep — so easy even I can’t mess it up. I stopped by the Dundarave Fish Market the other day, took the staff’s recommendations on a mix of fresh seafood, and bought a bottle of the Sun Soaked Ceviche Marinade. Back home a couple of hours later, I had a delicious, restaurant-worthy dinner ready to go.

Now that I’ve discovered how easy it can be, I intend to relive my Mexican vacation and demonstrate my love of ceviche on a very regular basis.

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New Line of Natural, Seafood Sauces

Local, all natural ingredients

October 8, 2008 – Vancouver, BC

West Vancouver’s Kim Hurford VanSickle, owner of the highly successful Dundarave Fish Market and Restaurant announces the launch of Simply West Coast™, a new retail line of fresh, chef inspired, restaurant-style sauces for the home cook and gourmet.

Inspired by a philosophy of serving the freshest ingredients available and keeping things simple, Simply West Coast sauces are designed to make cooking delicious seafood at home easy for even the most novice of seafood cooks. The all-natural ingredients blend West Coast flavours with a touch of international taste.

Simply West Coast sauces offer a new level of comfort when preparing seafood at home. “They were initially developed to accompany the fresh fish our customers were buying in our fish market,” says Kim Hurford VanSickle. “Many of our clients wanted to prepare fresh fish at home but found the sauces a bit intimidating. We helped with both cooking suggestions and by creating flavourful sauces to compliment a variety of seafood choices.”

With the success of the market and restaurant, and both new and long-time regular customers coming back for more, it was clear that Kim’s sauces hit the mark and Simply West Coast was born.

Currently there are six sauces available, with additions to the product line in development. Visit the website for more information on where Simply West Coast sauces are available.

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