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Liquid Fertilizer Safe on Veggies?

I returned from vacation to a serious bout of spider mites infecting many of my house plants and it was spray or hold a burial for the plants as they succumbed to a mass take-over of bugs.

I bought some Safer’s Insecticide Soap which seems pretty environmentally friendly as it’s made up of “specially selected soaps, no other pesticides are added.” Hmmm, actually, that does seem to imply there is some pesticide in there already since “no others” are added. But maybe soap can be a “pesticide” without being a harsh chemical?

Anyway, the Safer’s Insecticide Soap came with sample size of Safer’s Oxygen Plus indoor plant food which promises to “breathe new life into potted plants.” Well, what the heck, we could all use a little extra life I guess.

The question is, is the Oxygen Plus liquid fertilizer safe on veggie plants, stuff I plan to eat? I have some herbs as ground cover in my large banana leaf plant pot — the idea is to keep in some of the moisture. Is it still safe for me to eat the sage now that I’ve used this product on it? And what about my container garden on the balcony, are those veggies safe if I use it there too?

There’s no specific info on the website about food safety issues with the product, either pro or con. I’ve emailed the company, I’ll let you know if/how they respond.

Have you tried this product? Add your feedback, post a comment…