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Spring Into the Garden

Hah! So I am NOT the only one itching to get into the garden! There is already a whole workshop series lined up…

Village Vancouver is pleased to present gardening workshops with Grant Watson of Gourmet Gardens. Grant is a former organic farmer and has been teaching gardening to adults and children since 2003. He also operates an edible landscaping business.

A full list of workshops with dates and locations is available on the Gourmet Gardens website, along with course descriptions. To register contact Ross at rmoster@flash.net.

Here’s a sampling of what’s in store:

Garden Planning and Preparation
This course will get you started in thinking about how to start a food garden, and taking the first important step of getting the beds ready for planting. A sound garden plan that takes all the key factors into consideration has a better chance of producing and winning your enthusiasm.

Food Crops: Selection & Care
So you’ve got a garden all ready for planting. What are you going to put in, and when should you start? This course will cover all the major groups of vegetable and fruit crops that grow well in our climate. We will also discuss the specific needs of plants in each category.

Soil Fertility and Plant Health Management
An extremely important topic in organic gardening is soil health and fertility. Healthy soil is a vibrant community. Learn how to be an ally, not an enemy of your soil. We’ll also cover some key techniques for promoting and protecting your annual and perennial food plants, as well as the ones that just look pretty, from disease and pests.