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Local “Fast” Food From Quince

Who says “fast food” has to taste like cardboard and be full of nasty ingredients?

I was in the neighbourhood the other day with a few minutes to spare and stopped in at Quince restaurant. I’ve heard of it often, always with enthusiastic reviews, so I thought it was about time I looked in to see what all the fuss is about.

<b>Andrea Jefferson at Quince</b>

Andrea Jefferson at Quince

I enjoy good quality food, which I expected, but it was even more up my alley than anticipated. Many of the products available are made from local ingredients. Hurrah!

I noticed a list of cooking courses behind the counter and struck up a conversation with Andrea Jefferson, chef, sommelier, and instructor at Quince. In a heartbeat I was on a personal, guided tour of the space: fresh food cooler, take-home freezer section, and in-house quince preserves for which the restaurant-and-a-whole-lot-more is named.

My favourite were the take home selections, which offer a quick, quality alternative to eating out and/or cooking at home. I tried the Seared Thomas Reid Organic Chicken Breasts. I don’t know who Thomas Reid is, but I really like his chicken!

It took a few more than the prescribed 15 – 20 minutes to cook, but in the end my guest and I enjoyed juicy, tender, flavourful chicken breasts alongside a kale/cabbage/broccoli stir fry I made with ingredients from my garden. Now that’s eating pretty darn local.

Check out the Quince express menu for more delicious “fast food” ideas.

Verdict: Delicious and quick!