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Delicious Homous With Pesto

pesto-homous-largerSome people eat crackers with homous. I eat homous with crackers — and then only because the latter are necessary as an eating utensil.

I often make my own humous, but am not above buying it when I don’t have time or am not in the mood to haul out the food processor and get creative.

I tried Royal Gourmet Foods pesto homous a while back and, even by my standards, it was inhaled pretty quickly. I didn’t share much of it, either. (No regrets, get your own.)

Unfortunately, the company website doesn’t provide info on the product, despite a link called “Product Details” (which leads to a blank page). My email to the company didn’t get a response either. The container has gone on to its next life via the recycling depot, so all I can tell you is it tasted good, and is made by a company in Burnaby.

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Golda’s Cilantro Pesto

goldas-cilantro-pestoI stumbled across Golda’s Fine Foods all natural Cilantro Pesto a few months ago at Famous Foods, an independently owned grocery store in Vancouver where I buy rice milk and a wide variety of other healthy, unique, and delicious groceries.

I’m a fiend for cilantro, but it’s one of those herbs that evokes a strong reaction from everyone — they either love it or hate it. Not sure what to expect, I took it home and used it as the base for one of my über delicious, healthy pizzas (Lebanese flat bread, paste/pesto, browned ground Italian sausage, shredded zucchini, diced sweet peppers, other finely chopped veggies, a dusting of parmesan, a dusting of feta, warmed in the oven till the cheese melts).

Delicious! Not only did I use it as the pizza base, I drizzled it all over the topping once the pizza came out of the oven. It is now a regular grocery list item and I simply cannot get enough!

Don’t kid yourself, this is not low fat, but it IS made from all natural ingredients and Golda’s is a local success story, based in Mill Bay, British Columbia. Find a store that carries it near you.

Oh, and if the ones you love hate cilantro, tell them it’s coriander pesto. You won’t be lying and they just might thank you.

Have you tried this product? Add your feedback, post a comment…