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The Good Old Days

Next time you’re tempted to reminisce on how perfect the good ol’ days were, remember this: it was once commonly believed that DDT is good for everyone.

A friend sent me a link to an old advert for DDT:

“The great expectations held for DDT have been realized. During 1946, exhaustive scientific tests have shown that, when properly used, DDT kills a host of destructive insect pests, and is a benefactor of all humanity.”


(Source: LiveJournal.com/Vintage_Ads)

Hmmm, what a great reminder that magic bullets are best evaluated with long term results in mind.

Read the entire ad (note a link at the bottom to the original black & white ad with the correct chemical company name).

Would You Like Pesticides With That?

foodnewsiphone_app-mainI’ve often wandered the produce aisles at my local grocery store and wondered which of the veggies contain the most residual pesticide. I mean, it’s not something that just popped into my head, I did read an article about it once. I just can’t remember what the article said.

Well, wonder no more. The Environmental Working Group’s Food News has done the research and provided a list.

You can download the wallet version, read the full list online, download to your iPhone, or donate and get the magnet for your fridge version.

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