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Treasures at the Nursery

It’s true, The Scientist and I are pretty keen. Every little task takes on the spirit of a grand adventure.

And so it was with our first trip to the nurseries, a day trip into the bowels of Surrey and Ladner in early April. Now that the garden was ready, it must just be begging for some little green plants to welcome into its arms. Right?

I lot of people told me I was seeding awfully late and maybe even too late, so I thought it was important to get thee (me) to a nursery, post haste.

I should have known from the empty lot and not having to fight for a parking space, that we might be there a bit early in the season. But, anticipation can create a fever that overrides one’s good sense. Well, that and I’m a newbie at this urban gardening thing so I don’t have a lot of good sense yet.

nursery-plantingI’ll say one thing for a nursery, it’s a heady, intoxicating experience. It’s hard to remain reasonable in the face of such a dizzying array of options.

First there were the garden annuals that I didn’t think I’d have time or patience to seed: broccoli, yellow peppers, red peppers, 4 kinds of tomatoes, and cauliflower.

Toss in a few fruits: 4 different kinds of raspberries and 2 kinds of strawberries.

That lot and a lemon thyme (perennial), some marigolds to keep pests away, and some nasturtium (because they are pretty and taste good in salads) and we were in business.

Okay, it turns out we were a bit early, but I hope I can be forgiven for a bit of rash enthusiasm.