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Padrón Peppers

A Spanish delicacy.  As far as I know, Klippers Organic Acres is the only farm that grows this variety in Canada.


Here is an easy way to prepare them:

  • Clean the peppers and dry them completely.  Do not remove the stalks.
  • Pan fry them in some quality olive until they blister.
  • Drain the excess oil by placing them on some paper towels.
  • Season with some good quality salt and enjoy.

Most of the peppers will have a sweet, fresh pepper taste – but one out of every ten will be scorching hot.  It is for this reason that padrones are known as Russian Roulette peppers.   I believe that this is a game worth playing, but you should plan accordingly.  I suggest pairing them with your favourite locally crafted brew in the event that things get out of hand.

Padrón peppers are available at the Vancouver Farmers Markets through to the end of September.