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Raspberry Liqueur

Raspberry LiqueurI love nothing more than the taste of a warm, sun-ripened raspberry, personally hand picked at the peak of perfection. I am not, on the other hand, a lover of overly sweet liqueurs. So when I stumbled across the new raspberry liqueur from Okanagan Spirits, I was both intrigued and skeptical.

I admit, it was the classy bottle and metallic look label that first caught my eye (oh, I do love examples of quality marketing). Even in a crowded store, it stands out. And as it happened, I was in need of a gift for a friend who shares my passion for raspberries and who also has a no-such-thing-as-too-sweet sweet tooth. It seemed the perfect solution, and I could have a just enough of a wee sip to satisfy my curiosity.

Rather than being too sweet, Okanagan Spirits Raspberry Liqueur is pure, succulent, perfectly ripe raspberry. I have never tasted raspberries in liquid form before — wow! That went down smooth. Better try another one, just to be sure. Hmmm, best have one more go to confirm…

It takes a bit to impress someone who grew up gorging on raspberries right off the vine on a daily basis, and I am duly impressed. In fact, I’m a raving fan. And rumour has it, the bottle was finished in no time.