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Square Foot Gardening

square-foot-gardenHow’s this for clever, compact gardening? Mel Bartholomew, formerly a civil engineer, came with a concept of compact gardening that’s taken the US by storm.

In a nutshell, build a garden box (or a bunch of them), separate each section into 12″ squares, fill them with a mix of compost, soil and vermiculite, and plant a few seeds. It’s a pretty much fool-proof, miniature, crop rotation/deep bed garden idea that makes gardening zero hassle and high production.

Buy his “system” or build your own using his tips and tricks, and you’re off to the races. Wow, THIS is urban gardening for the faint of heart.

Now Mel is on a mission to change the world with the Square Foot Gardening Foundation. I like this practical, immediately impactful, humanitarian focus.

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