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Living Lightly Showcases Be the Change

On Tuesday, March 31st the Living Lightly Project will be screening Be the Change at the Vancouver Public Library. The documentary by filmmaker David Chernushenko explores why some people choose to live more sustainably and what it might take to get more of us on board with the concept.

The Living Lightly Project has a refreshing philosophy on what can sometimes be a very political topic.

    “Living Lightly is a pursuit, a philosophy or maybe even a quest. It is a social movement with a very individual approach, and as such can be very public and communal, or very private and personal…

    “Living Lightly is not about guilt, sacrifice or preaching to others. Living Lightly is about choosing to embrace a way of life that is exciting, challenging, rewarding, humbling, and as full of mistakes and dilemmas as it is full of achievements and certainty.”

I like that approach. We don’t have to beat people over the head or blather on about how hard it is to live more consciously. It can actually be fun and challenging. A bit of an adventure even.

Check out the Living Lightly Project www.livinglightly.ca

Check out the Living Lightly Project www.livinglightly.ca