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Easy Summertime Refreshment

It’s been sunny and hot for the last number of weeks and I for one have no complaints. Summer was late arriving this year and as far as I’m concerned it can continue to make up for lost time as long as it wants, even if that means hauling a little more water to the garden than usual.

If you’re are one of those who’s feeling a bit grumpy in the heat, first I recommend visualizing one of two things:

  1. Toronto, Ontario in the sweltering, cloying, humid heat that signals summer there; or
  2. Vancouver this past June when we experienced record temperature lows and endless, driving rain.

Second, while you are visualizing also remember that in the midst of this delicious heat it is very important to stay hydrated. If water seems a little boring after a while (why, yes, actually it does), try these quick, easy ideas:

Watermelon Agua Fresca – Take some overripe watermelon that’s too  mushy to eat, mashed in a pitcher, and covered with ice cold water. Add a few ice cubes to a glass, and pour in the watermelon-enhanced water. Sip to your heart’s content. Works best if your pitcher has a strainer or just strain out the pulp ahead of time.

They’d charge big bucks for this at a chic restaurant, and here you are whipping up a batch for nothing — since you were going to compost that overripe watermelon anyway. There are no perfect proportions, everyone likes it a little different, so experiment with what works for you. If you really MUST get all complicated, find an easy recipe and knock yourself out.

Ginless G&T – As delicious as it can be, alcohol is dehydrating and not recommended when attempting to counter the effects of too much sun and/or heat. You will be surprisingly and delightfully deceived into believing you are drinking a “refreshing” gin and tonic if you simply leave out the gin and squeeze in the lime . One of my friends swears she still feels a little light-headed when she drinks this, as if she did  include the gin. I say, try it on your friends when they’re getting too drunk and obnoxious, they’ll never know the difference.

Cucumber Agua Fresca – If  you’re not a fan of watermelon (see above), substitute it with peeled, sliced cucumber fresh from your garden. It’s just as cool and refreshing to sip, you’ll feel like you’re at a swanky spa,  and there’s less straining involved. Plus, you can keep refilling the jug all day long until the cucumbers no longer infuse the water. For those who need to get all Martha Stewart on us, you can experiment with adding mint or citrus slices as well.

There’s no excuse to be a dullard when it comes to staying hydrated. Try these tasty options and take it up a notch without breaking a sweat.