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Tourists Go Local

Sabine and Seigfried eat local in Vancouver, BC

Sabine and Seigfried of Germany eat local in Vancouver, BC

At Vandusen Garden’s 2008 Harvest Celebration and Farmers Market I got to talking with a lovely couple from Germany, Sabine and Siegfried Herzog of Baden-Baden. They were out enjoying the day’s events, tasting the local fare and we instantly bonded over an appreciation for quality wine and my ability to say “I can’t speak German, but I understand a little” in German.

I learned that the German wine we drink here in Canada isn’t the good stuff. I advised that the best of BC wine country’s harvest is more likely found at the independent liquor stores and quality restaurants than the local government retailer. They had already discovered so, they assured me.

Note to self, on those special occasions, remember to ask for the quality wine, even if it’s not on the regular menu.