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Growing Food 101: Brassicas & Cuburbits

This week’s workshop from the Growing Food 101 series is all about “Brassicas” (a.k.a. cabbages) and “Cuburbits” (a.k.a. cucumbers, pumpkin, squash, and melons).

Taking place this Saturday, June 6 at Terra Nova Rural Park (2631 Westminster Hwy, Richmond), the session offered by Richmond Poverty Response Committee is taught by professional gardeners, and includes both classroom and hands-on time. Beginners and intermediate gardeners alike will take away new skills.

Bursaries are available for low-income families. Contact Arzeema Hamir at foodsecurity@richmondprc.org for more information or to apply.

Ready to sign up? Choose your sessions and mail your completed registration form with a cheque to Richmond Food Bank, 100-5800 Cedarbridge Way, Richmond, BC.

Then, get out there and grow some stuff!

Are you planning to attend? Let us know how it goes — leave a comment…